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I haven't read it yet, but am I the only one not exited to see Carrie Kelley appearing in Batman and Red Robin #19? First, I didn't like The Dark Knight Returns, and second, she didn't stick out to me as someone I'd want to see again.

Alright, comic book ODeckers, I've got a Green Lantern: Blackest Night ("BN") reading-order question: Where's the best place to start, and what collected trade paperbacks are (and aren't) necessary?

Does anyone know if there's a Netflix-like service for comics? I found that Marvel offers that for $5-$10 a month ( ), which is fantastic, assuming I consistently find stuff I want to read there (I've found some, but there are gaps missing in entire storyarcs). And I understand the

Today Canada turns off their penny-minting machines. This will save them $11 million a year. And the United States needs to do this, especially if it's trying to balance its budget (hint hint), as explained...

Can we just take a moment to appreciate that John Green got Neil Gaiman to say "I would actually, literally suck donkey balls..." at Carnegie Hall on Tuesday night, please?

I finally completed Primeval! Such a good show (then again, it is British sci-fi), I really loved where it went at the end (and how it started up years ago; I guess series 3 was the only one that dragged a little). What a series finale though! Wow!

A week late to the party, I know, but I just read Amazing Spider-Man #700, final issue. Ugg. Spoilers in the reply.

In an effort to make the rules to Munchkin easier to explain to a newcomer that you invited to a game, I condensed them down into a one-page "abridged" version instead of the six pages that come with each deck. It's up to the Game Master/owner to clarify things as the game progresses.

An hour into the encore showing of Defiance, and I'm really annoyed Syfy is showing a clip right before the commercial break from the upcoming scene. Spoiler alert much?