Talk about buyer's remorse: I paid an extra $100 three weeks ago on my new computer for the Windows Office package mostly so I'd have OneNote (because as good as it will be to have Word and Excel "just in case," OpenOffice is more than well equipped for my needs), and now it's free! » 3/17/14 8:33pm 3/17/14 8:33pm

I've been paying attention to my sleep cycle and used various tips to help improve my sleep (like no electronic screens 30 minutes before bed), but does Lifehacker have any recommendations on Android apps to help track the cycle and wake up at a good time? I've tried a few, all with mixed results. » 3/07/14 8:10pm 3/07/14 8:10pm

The problem I have with parting with my DVD collection is quality of video (if then playing the file through USB on a blu ray or XBox) and the chance of hard drive crash. I've started to have a backup of my backup, and luckily my brother and I share music libraries, but considering the cost of a DVD in stores I'd… » 2/16/14 8:44pm 2/16/14 8:44pm

While there's no denying LEGO should make their population demographics more 50/50, I feel like this letter must have been written a few years ago. Several themes have more females showing up lately, from city ( and ) to sci-fi and fantasy ( » 2/02/14 9:38am 2/02/14 9:38am