Here's something I have yet to see in any report on the Powers TV show: How does one watch it?!?!?! I'm guessing if one has a Play Station, they have access, but regardless I don't have one. I suppose I can "find it" online, but I would think they'd want to reach as large an audience as possible through cable, no? :/ » 3/09/15 3:43pm 3/09/15 3:43pm

It seems to me like private schools have a longer range of break days than public schools (from what I can tell in my area), and this allows for travel on the days it seems children are being pulled from schools. If the school calendar just gave an extra day or two off during winter and spring break for travel for… » 1/18/15 3:48pm 1/18/15 3:48pm

For the first one, I'd fill up the four ounce cup and pour it in the nine ounce cup. Then I'd fill the four ounce cup a little more than halfway (eyeing it) (to conserve water, we don't have to fill it all up) and pour it out slowly to the halfway mark, which is when the water level is from one edge to the diagonal… » 1/11/15 7:49pm 1/11/15 7:49pm

I've been using BrickLink for almost 8 years now! I've found it's a great way to add pieces to my collection that I would need for a project, and for obtaining minifigs from sets I'm not interested in buying (like Super Heroes—I can't get them all, but can at least get the characters I like). » 12/29/14 6:58pm 12/29/14 6:58pm

I feel like they need to keep building their roster to fight against Thanos. At the climax of Avengers 3 there will be one of those 'we need everybody' calls from Cap and then the Netflix Defenders appear and Mockingbird and the rest of the SHIELD show and any other small help that may not have been asked to join… » 8/29/14 6:36am 8/29/14 6:36am